Of the 8.7 million Deaf and Hard of Hearing people in the UK, approximately 70,000 use British Sign Language (BSL). As the preferred language of the British Deaf community, it is accepted by both linguists and the British government as a language in its own right.

Interpreter Booking Services Ltd provide British Sign Language/English interpreters to organisations and individuals who need to offer sign language users access within both work and educational environments. We also provide a wide range of specialist support and advice to both the Deaf community and organisations regarding deaf issues.

This includes access to Language Service Professionals (LSPs) such as Sign Support English (SSE) translators, Deafblind, Deaf Relay and Lipspeakers. Some people who become deaf or have hearing loss as adults prefer to communicate in English, and do not use BSL. For these users, Manual Notetakers, Electronic Notetakers and Palantypists may be the right choice of LSP for support at meetings and events. All of our LSPs are trained in enabling effective communication between Deaf and hearing people. They remain impartial during their assignments and, in addition, all of the work they carry out remains strictly confidential. We endeavour to match the needs of the Service User with the appropriate skills of the LSP on a case by case basis.

If you are unsure of the Service User’s needs and require further information beforehand, then please contact us. We are always happy to provide free help and advice. For further information about the types of services that we provide please see below.